Cyber Security

B-Cyber is a unique project with a high technological and specialist component, which was born and developed from the collaboration of Brian and partners with intelligence specialists and includes: 

* ENVIRONMENTAL SURVEYS (search and removal of bugs and spy software from offices, cars, company premises, etc.).

* CELLULAR BONIFIES (search and removal of spy phones, trojans and other spy software from smartphones and mobile phones, with reports that can also be used in court). 

* VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT, NETWORK, Wi-Fi, WEB & MOBILE APP PENETRATION TESTING (simulation of hacker attacks aimed at identifying possible security gaps in company networks). 

* THREAT INTELLIGENCE (analysis and identification of possible cyber threats) 

* SOCIAL ENGINEERING (prevention of misbehaviour by management and employees, which could compromise the security of sensitive company data) 





Our consultants support clients in defining models and processes for security management applied to business strategies to prevent, detect and limit cyber attacks. They also provide advice on monitoring the level of compliance with the regulatory framework and the required security standards, in order to highlight any criticalities and prepare ad hoc corrective solutions.

Cyber Investigation services are carried out by our team of investigators who are experts in information technology and new technologies with the help of the best technical equipment available in the field of digital investigations.