Equity Partnership


Brian and Partners acquires minority stakes in Italian companies of excellence, supporting them in their growth and market development process.

Brian and Partners is a private holding company incorporated under the laws of Italy, with an investment focus on Italian SMEs and start-ups of excellence, especially in certain market niches, such as telecommunications, automation for power utilities, railways and oil & gas, as well as in mechanics, machine tools and industrial processes.


Among the companies in which it has participated in recent years, we can list VT Filters (air treatment, transport and filtration systems), EasyCharge (charging systems for electric cars, rental and use of electric vehicle charging stations) and Andrei (e-commerce platform and marketplace).

It helps companies to develop their growth potential, to improve their industrial processes, to optimise their business management and processes and to acquire the most important international markets.

The investment focus of Brian and partners is on small and medium-sized companies, which produce excellence and represent the basis of the Italian economic structure, with 65% of total added value, high margins and a solid economic situation.

These companies, in many cases, need managerial skills, to develop foreign markets and to find partners who can help them make the leap in quality that, alone, they find difficult to manage.

Why Brian and Partners?

  • -A unique business model on the Italian scene.
  • A successful model, which relies on a solid and diversified industrial system, and is based on a strong vocation for export.
  • The management of Brian and partners, although made up of rather young executives and managers, can boast over 20 years of experience in the main international markets, with a network of contacts and partners of absolute level.
  • An efficient system, based on principles of transparency and total alignment of interests between companies and investors.
  • Flexibility in adapting, case by case, each plan of action to the specific company, together with the owners.

Who does Brian and Partners focus on?

Solid and promising Italian SMEs and startups, active in market niches, especially in the power utilities, railways and oil & gas sectors, as well as in telecommunications, mechanics and machine tools, which have a solid competitive positioning on the reference market and an important technological leadership.

The investee companies must have above-average operating margins and solid cash flow generation, the ability to compete in international markets, and an excellent reputation of ownership and management.

Management support is essential from the initial stages of the investment process (definition of the business plan).

The target is to create value through an industrial project, not through purely financial operations, with a strong focus on revenues, EBITDA, EBIT, Net Profit and solid cash generation.

The strategic plans are based on the development of new markets and new products/services, as well as on the optimisation of business processes and sector consolidation processes (implementation of build-up strategies).

The focus is on a limited number of transactions (maximum 3 at the same time) in order to actively manage the investee companies on such time-consuming activities.

During the negotiations, before the transfer of shares, shareholders’ agreements, roles and limitations are defined in detail for each phase: start-up, take-off, scale-up and exit, which is defined in advance and leaves each party the possibility of exiting or recomposing, according to rules established by mutual agreement. It is a gamble that cannot be lost.