Thanks to our technical, professional and strategic skills, we offer consultancy in M&A operations (mergers and acquisitions), with the aim of creating value for our clients, accompanying them in the process of negotiation and financial, legal (through specialised law firms), tax and due diligence. From the sale of shares, to the leasing of a business unit, up to the listing on the stock exchange, we support our clients at every stage of the process. We also deal with all aspects of trademarks and patents.

In the face of the complex and dynamic current market, Brian and partners supports and manages the growth strategies of companies, including inorganic ones, actively assisting the client in the process of extending outlet markets, combating competition and improving profitability through the realisation of synergies in favour of cost containment. 

Why Brian and Partners?

  • Analysis, preparation and execution of transitions not only locally, but also in international contexts
  • Support from a large and diverse network of associates, built up over many years of experience and successful transactions
  • Dedicated team with broad cross-functional skills
  • Ability to tailor M&A decisions to clients’ business objectives